NP Purge™

Noble Polymers' NP Purge™ is an olefin-based purging compound. NP Purge is suitable for purging a wide range of commodity and engineering resins. When used as recommended, color and material change-over times are significantly reduced, eliminating much of the scrap material generated during the purge process.

NP Purge is non-abrasive and does not use an aggressive chemical reaction to efficiently purge both injection molding machines and extruders.  After the recommended soak time, NP Purge’s reaction is complete and it will clean the previous material from the processing equipment before quickly being displaced by the next resin/color.


  • Effective at temperatures between 350° F – 600° F
  • No mixing is required
  • Low affinity to metal surfaces, making it easy to displace
  • Thermally stable, can be left in the barrel for shutdown
  • Resin-based  purge with no harmful chemicals

Recommended Processing Instructions

  • Confirm barrel set points between 350° F – 600° F
  • Fill barrel with NP Purge
  • Stop injection molding machine or extruder screw.  Let NP Purge soak in the barrel at temperature for 5-8 minutes
  • Introduce next resin/color to be processed
  • Purge system until next resin/color has displaced previous resin/color and NP Purge.