At Noble Polymers®, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cascade Engineering, we believe that sustainability drives innovation and growth across the three capitals that comprise the Triple Bottom Line. Cascade Engineering was founded in 1973 with the belief that a business could be profitable as well as socially and environmentally responsible. Over the years, this philosophy of business has been transformed into a commitment to achieve a sustainable enterprise with specific financial, social and environmental goals. We realize that our actions today impact the world of tomorrow, and - uniquely - as a private company, we have a special opportunity to demonstrate this commitment in our daily work.

We embrace sustainability and demonstrate our commitment through the many products we are developing at Noble Polymers. Currently, we offer three sustainable product lines, each sustainable in a unique way:

EcoBarrier® can be formulated using 100% recycled base resins
NP Purge™ allows use of less material during the purge process
Regis® can be formulated using 100% recycled base resins

Whether it’s helping you to develop sustainable materials specific for your application, or helping you to fine tune your formulation with our off-the-shelf materials, we have a variety of solutions to help you meet your sustainability goals.