FivePlus Filled Polypropylene

FivePlus Filled Polypropylene - seat back

Noble Polymers FivePlus series of filled polypropylene compounds offers processors a wide range of filler and physical properties options.  Five Plus compounds are available with either Talc or Calcium Carbonate fillers.  FivePlus filled polypropylene compounds provide a unique balance of physical properties and ease of processability.  A full range of flexural modulus, impact and other physical property options allows you to customize a solution to meet your specific application’s needs.

FivePlus compounds are used in automotive, heavy truck, consumer goods, building and construction and many other industries for applications such as brackets, housings, trim panels and other applications that require a balance of durability, dimensional stability and processability.


  • Filler range from 10 – 40%
  • Available in natural, black or custom colors
  • Additive packages include: UV stabilization, heat stabilizers and scratch and mar resistance
  • Can be formulated utilizing reprocessed base materials
  • Formulations available for extrusion processes
  • Customized formulations available to meet your specific need
  • All FivePlus products are 100% recyclable

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